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Big Data and Information that changes the Strategies and challenges

Our Expertise

RightFOLIO gives the much-needed strategic advantage to you by leveraging the latest advances in collection and analysis of Big Data.

Three decades of experience in the areas of Data Science, Market Research, Political Analysis, Corporate Strategy/Communications, Brand Management and Human Resource Planning and Management as well as Legal Consulting.

Political Analysis

RightFOLIO has comprehensive data on each and every constituency in India, barring a few in the Northeastern states.

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Market Research

Markets are dynamic. While companies are busy building their offering, their target audiences could be changing. The lifestyle preferences, buying behaviour, trends…

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On any given day at least a dozen Conferences take place in India. Probably, a hundred if you count them from the news that comes from the English speaking countries alone.

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Corporate Communication

Corporates need to communicate with the market, with the society, and within their own organisations.

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When it comes to organisational success, the singular mantra is getting the resource pool with the right skill set and experience.

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Brand Management

Right Folio understands that brands are both valuable as well as delicate assets that need careful planning and strategy. Right Folio leverages its vast experience in strategising, planning and executing activities for building, managing and positioning brands.

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